Almost the weekend…

It’s Friday morning, and that counts as almost the weekend in my book.

Over the last week or so I’ve learned a lot more about septic tanks and drainage systems than I ever wanted to. The main thing I’ve learned is that they cost horrible amounts of money when they go wrong.

We share a septic tank with the house next door, and water should then soak away into the field below both houses. Instead, next door have the beginnings of a lovely bog garden. After much phoning, site visiting and tea drinking, it’s been decided that the soak away has been damaged by tree roots, so we need a new one. 175 meters of it at £60 a meter.

Horror all round as we work out how much this is going to cost, then more horror when we realise we need to add VAT on top.

We grit our teeth, get ready to live on baked beans for the forseeable future – and then we speak to the team who are doing the work.

It turns out that our lovely next door neighbour has made a slight error in the information he gave us. He doesn’t do metric. He does feet and inches. So we need 50 meters of soakaway instead.

Huge relief all round.

So far, so boring.

But it made us think about how lucky we were – we still have a bill I’d sooner not have but it’s a lot more manageable.

So we thought we’d try and do something good by way of thanks – and watching the news last night gave us the perfect thing.

Between now and 2000 on Sunday 22nd August, we’ll donate 50% of every purchase made in the shop (exclusing postage) to the Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC) Appeal for Pakistan. You can read more about the DEC here.

So having told you why you should shop, it seemed only fair to tempt you with a few choice goodies.


Laceweight merino tencel in Flower Power


4 ply sock yarn in Take Five Winter Sun


Aran weight lambswool and silk in Sweet Pea

So happy shopping!

I also managed a little shopping of my own during the week – the lovely Nic who is Nics Knots made me a knitting bag and needle case in the best camper van fabric in the world. I’d seen the fabric and loved it, and Nic has turned it into something fab that I’ll use all of the time. Instant cheer for the days when everything is against you.


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