Got the Blues

During the week we had a delivery of yarn – a very large box of very white wool in the main.

There was also a kilo of something new that I wanted to try out – 80% superfine alpaca, 20% silk. This yarn is a fine double knit weight with 262 meters to each 100g, so will work well for a lot of the small shawl patterns which are fashionable.

When I opened the bag I loved this. It’s soft, it has a bit of a fuzz and it drapes. It screams to be made into scarves and shawls and hats and mitts. Actually that may not be true. It may be too nice to scream.

So anyway, I loved it. Then it went into the dye pot – and I loved it a whole lot more.

More will be coming this way soon.

For now the first five colours are in the shop


Also coming back into stock are our little skeins of laceweight cashmere. Three colours are ready now, many more will be dry enough to be reskeined and added over the weekend. Find them here.


Finally, there’s more of the aran weight lambswool and silk.


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