Spin to Knit

It’s very rare for m to have an end project in mind when I start spinning – I like to see what the fibre wants to be and then work out what I’ll make from there.

On Saturday I went to the Kennet Valley Guild meeting and needed something simple to occupy my hands while we put the world to rights, so grabbed a length of merino and silk tops in The Life That I Have.

I wanted interesting stripes in whatever I made, so split the fibre for fractal splinning – split the top straight down the middle and spin that onto one bobbin giving long colour repeats.

I then split the remaining top into 4 roughly equal sections, again splitting down the middle of the fibre. These were spun so that I still had colour repeats but they were shorter.

Plying the two bobbins together gave me soemthing I liked a lot – lots of marls of different colours plus some lengths where the tow starnds were the same.

To play the stripes up I wanted something straightforward – so went for a shallow triangle scarf.


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