This yarn smells!

Before I became a full time dyer, I used to do several alternative therapies, including aromatherapy.

So when someone suggested yarn with a smell it gave me the perfect excuse to dig out my oils and play.

The oils will evaporate over time so the scent will fade – but it will be about ofr long enoug for plenty of knitting.

All yarns are laceweight cashmere with 1050 meters per 75g skein.


Amber scented with mandarin orange


Blues scented with peppermint


Bollywood scented with jasmine


Chocolate Box scented with benzoin (smells of vanilla)


Clematis scented with ylang ylang

draw breath

Draw Breath scented with frankincense


Kingfisher scented with spearmint


Lavender Field scented with lavender


Meadow scented with lime


Midnight scented with patchouli


Rose scented with rose.

All in the shop later this evening.

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One Response to This yarn smells!

  1. Willa says:

    Ooh – gorgeous colours and *takes deep breath* lovely scents!

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