Fibre and Badgers

I’ve been a spinner for a fair few years and although I’ve dyed a lot of fibre for myself, until recently we haven’t had the space we needed to add it to the shop. So whenever we’ve been asked, we’ve said it’s something we’re planning.

I’m delighted that after a lot of fibre buying and sampling (and thanks to everyone who gave me feedback on samples) we’ve found some fantastic fibres for the shop, and the first three are available now.

First up is superwash mernio – the perfect fibre if you need something which absolutely won’t felt.



Then there’s a merino tencel blend which has a lovely drape and sheen – I’d choose this for shawls or anything where I wanted to show off a stitch pattern.



Finally for now there’s blue faced leicester – we had this blended from different colours of fleece so there’s a gentle humbug effect. This fibre has not been superwash treated so would make lovely felt. There’s a nice bounce to this fibre, and it would spin into a gorgeous yarn.



There are lots more colours in the shop – enjoy.

And for those of you who loved the badgers – here’s one quietly eating dinner. The other badger turned up 2 minutes later, there was a fast a furious scrap and they spent the next 10 minutes rounding up escaped peanuts from the deck.


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One Response to Fibre and Badgers

  1. Denise says:

    You’re so lucky to have such lovely visitors. Bless!

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