Words from Joan


Words from Joan

If I could find the words
to close that door
and never visit anymore
then one day knock
venture in
and face those empty walls

If memory was a cupboard
filled with the clutter of grief
I’d take a black bag fill it full
and fling it
on the nearest dump

If I could erase the memory
of those final days.Paint it
over and turn that page
i’d live my life inside my dreams
and wake when all is healed.

Written by one of my friends, this poem first appeared online as part of the favourite poems thread. It’s a very moving set of words, and it seems fitting that it’s the inspiration for the last of the Macmillan yarns. This will be available from 1800 tomorrow.

If that’s not enough sock yarn for you, there are some new Take Five yarns too – including one with enough pink to make Joan very happy indeed, and these are in the shop now.

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One Response to Words from Joan

  1. willa says:

    That poem never fails to move me . . . thanks Joan and congratulations to Joy & Bobbie for a fabulous March MacMillan month full of beautiful yarn . . .

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