Friday Update

Time sure flies around here – I can’t believe that this time last week I was getting excited about heading off to the Kennet Valley Guild for 2 days of spinning with Wingham Wools.

So , on with the update.

There’s more of the take five in Daffodil as that flew out of the door last week


There’s also a new take five yarn called Sunset


Then it’s on to the Macmillan yarns – 2 each for Friday, Saturday and Sunday – but all on sale tonight.

First up there’s Sunset


Then as the pastels have been so popular I used the same colours at a lower dilution to give you Pale Sunset


From the happy memories suggested by the Knitting Goddesses there’s Solent


And Chips on the Beach – complete with sand, pebbles and salt!


Then there’s a yarn which came from a discussion with my friend Su – three primary colours dyed with deliberate overlaps so you have smaller section of secondary colours too. It reminds me of the box of crayola crayons I had as a kid – really punchy colours. So Crayons it is.


And finally for the update there’s a new version of one of our limited edition yarns which we did for a trunk show – when I dyed this up originally I thought it would be nice to tweak the colours and make something more vibrant. The colours strike me as very Mediterranean, so I’m calling it In The Med.


See you tonight at 1800.

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