Shop Update

I’m thrilled to be introducing 2 new sock yarn options in the update which takes place tomorrow. I’ve had the idea for both of these yarns for a while, and my wonderful sock yarn supplier has made it possible by supplying skeins in 20g and 80g weights.

So, first up is Take Five


These skeins are 5 x 20g, one in a semi solid colour, the rest with a splash of the same semi solid plus a different one. The skeins in the picture are colourway Flower Power.


This is how the skeins knit up into a plain sock with the semi solid skein used for cuffs, heels and (when I get there) toes. I changes colours every 10 rows so there’s not much weaving in of ends.

There are two other colours available now, with more coming soon.


Take Five Copper Desert


Take Five Bluebell

The second new yarn is called Eighty/Twenty – 80g of the main patterned yarn and 20g of a co-ordinating semi solid for cuffs, heels and toes. I’ve started the range off with some of the same difference yarns (including a couple of new colour ways) as I know some knitters need their socks to match.


Eighty/Twenty Amber


Eighty/Twenty Bluebell


Eighty/Twenty Chestnut


Eighty/Twenty Gothic Delight


Eighty/Twenty Heather


Eighty/Twenty Lavender Field


Eighty/Twenty Pretty in Pink


Eighty/Twenty Raspberry


Eighty/Twenty Snowflake


Eighty/Twenty Toasty Toes

There are two new colours of the double knit merino slub.


Semi solid charcoal


Semi solid silver

And finally, the extra sock blanket club 2 skeins for January will be available.


The set of 11 mini skeins is made up of 9 skeins based on the January theme of ‘In the Pink’ plus the 2 sock club yarns.

The update will take place tomorrow morning – happy shopping.

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