The wonders of technology

A few months ago I decided that I couldn’t like without an iphone any longer – I’m a sucker for all things apple. I’ve loved being able to keep an eye on emails where ever I am, and I adore having lots of games to play if I ever want to put down my knitting.

What I hadn’t really considered was using the iphone for books. I thought the screen would be too small and it would be horrible to read for any length of time.

While I was looking for something else in the apps store yesterday, I downloaded Stanza, and I’m completely converted. Love it to bits. I can’t beleive how easy the screen is to read from.

I don’t think this will ever completely replace books for me – but for holiday reading and things I know I’ll only read once I’m converted.

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One Response to The wonders of technology

  1. gladerider says:

    You’re starting to sound like an apple oh, what’s the word? One of those people who advertises things, oh yeah, an advertisers. Hey. Silly me. Anyway, glad that you’re happy. I might get that myself then(I love a good book) but there has to be something to be said for cuddling up in a blanket and reading a proper book.Especially that smell of new books. Wonderful. šŸ˜€

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