Duck canvas always feels like a miracle fabric – it’s woven so tightly that it’s water repellent.

That means it makes wonderfully sturdy bags which don’t need layers of syntheyic interfacing to hold their shape.

We’ve added a new print to the range – a multicoloured screen print of our grter stitch design.

There’s a larger version too.

Like all of our bags it’s fully lined, and there are plenty of pockets.

You can find all of our duck canvas bags here – and they make brilliant presents.

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Mini Skeins for Round Your Neck

Mini skeins are great fun for yarn lovers. There’s something blissful about having lots of colours to play with.

I’ve produced several patterns using mini skeins – so it’s fair to say I’m completely converted. Not everyone is though – I get emails every week from people who love the mini skein sets but aren’t quite sure what to do with them.

So without further ado – a few suggestions. These are for shawls and a cowl – I’ll pull together another post for hats, mitts and socks.

I know our mini skein sets work with our patterns – and one pattern which always receives a lot of love at shows is the Simple Steps Shawl. For Yarndale the lovely Scully knitted a sample using the soft centres mini skeins combined with turquoise.

Soft Centres and Turquoise

Simple Steps Shawl

Just for contrast here’s the shawl worked with a Printer Ink mini skein set and a dark contrast.

Simple Steps Shawl

There are lots of other designers working with mini skeins too – here are three I’ve spotted on Ravelry.

Mighty Mini by Rachel Henry. Image Copyright Rachel Henry.

Land of Sweets by Helen Stewart. Image Copyright Helen Stewart

Diagonapples by Anna Maltz Image Copyright Anna Maltz and Thijs groot Wassink

I’ve made a couple of versions of Diagonapples – there’s slightly less yarn in one of our minis skeins than in the yarn used in the design, so I worked two rows less.

What’s your favourite minis skein pattern?

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Quick Socks

Socks are one of my favourite things to knit, especially plain socks where there’s plenty of fairly mindless knitting.

Whitefaced Woodland wool socks in Black and Blue (bottom) and Greenfinch Sploge (top)

I’ve been knitting some winter socks in our Whitefaced Woodland sock yarn. It’s perfect if you want a non nylon sock yarn and provided you use smallish needles (I used a 2.75mm) you’ll end up with hard wearing fabric.

We have a pattern for DK socks – the instructions are for ribbed socks, but the pattern works equally well if you switch to stocking stitch after the first 10 rounds.

The pattern is free and you can find it on Ravelry

The two colour yarns give a subtle stripe effect, while the spoldge yarns are more random.

A single skein should be enough to make sock for size 9 feet as there’s 300 meters in each 100 gram skein.

Take me to the sock yarn.

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Machine Knitting Halvis

There’s no doubt that Anna Maltz is a gem. She’s one of the most generous people I know when it comes to sharing knowledge – and Anna knows a lot of things.

Anna in the Halvis sweater. Image copyright Jeni Reid

Anna is my favourite designer. If I had to only knit patterns from one designer from now on it’s Anna’s work I’d choose – and I’m certain I’d never be bored.

Anna used our BFL, silk and alpaca yarn for her Halvis sweater design, and she mentioned that it could be machine knitted, and that she would jot down some notes.

I expected that I’d get a note of the tension settings that Anna used to get gauge and maybe a couple of lines. I didn’t expect a blog post full of suggestions and background. But that willingness to share is one of many things to love about Anna.

You can find Anna’s blog with the machine knitting hints here

You can find the pattern for Halvis here

You can find the yarn used to knit Halvis here

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Shop Update 14.11.19

This week I’ve been dyeing up a rainbow. A splodge rainbow.

All of that colour is the perfect antidote to grey skies.

a whole rainbow of Britsock Goddess Splodge

There are seven colours which are available as individual skeins

The seven colours have also been turned into a mini skein set.

Goddess Splodge mini skein set

You’ll find the yarns above in the shop now – just click on the links under the photos and you’ll be taken to the right place.

take me to the shop

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Yarn Club Giveaway Winner

Our winner came from a Facebook entry – congratulations to Mandy Scragg who will receive a multicoloured skein in the BFL nylon base.

If you weren’t our lucky winner you can still signup for the January clubs here.

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Imperfectly Neutral

When I think about neutral colours I tend to think of silvers, charcoals and blacks. Maybe a navy or slate.

My thoughts wouldn’t head in the direction of screaming orange.

Screaming Orange Britsock

Yes, it’s loud.

When we were at Yarndale Scully and I started putting a skein of this against different colours – and it makes a brilliant contrast.

Stone mini skeins with screaming orange.

Printer Ink Shades

Printer Ink Shades with Screaming Orange

The Blues mini skeins

The Blues and screaming orange

The last combination is my favourite – partly because it includes plenty of blue and partly because it reminds me of koi carp in a pond.

Want to look for your own combination?

take me to the shop

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