Crochet the Rainbow

Earlier in the year we published Knit the Rainbow, giving you 6 patterns which worked beautifully with our mini skeins.

We’ve just added Crochet the Rainbow to our pattern collection – 4 designs which showcase colour wheels.

Crochet the Rainbow front cover

There are 4 designs in the booklet.

rlsc 2 rgb

rbg rmc2rgb srs 2

rgb zzs 2

We’ll have all of the samples at Yarndale this weekend (find us on stand 93).

If you’d like a digital copy of the book you can buy it on Ravelry.

buy now

If you’d like a paper copy (which comes with a digital download code) then head over to the shop.

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One Farm Yarn – A Yorkshire Love Story

One Farm Yarn came about through our desire to have a genuinely Yorkshire yarn.  It has been a bit of an adventure for us as it’s the first time we’ve arranged every step of the process. This yarn is wool from two breeds, Blue Faced Leicester (BFL) and the wonderfully named North Country Mule (a BFL Swaledale cross breed). Both flocks live at Fiddlers Green Farm near Harrogate.

After shearing the 250kg of fleece were bagged up and took a 25 mile road trip to the Haworth Scouring Company.  From there the wool travelled another 20 miles to Laycock International for carding and preparation for spinning.   Another 5 mile journey got the carded wool to Laxtons for spinning, plying and skeining.  Finally, 2 months after shearing, the first batch of finished skeins travelled another 18 miles to reach us in Harrogate. That’s a journey of 72 miles in Yorkshire from sheep to dye pot. Proper Yorkshire yarn.

Why does a Yorkshire yarn matter to us? At The Knitting Goddess we love British wool , and we only dye wool which is grown, processed and spun in the UK.  Having a Yorkshire yarn spun let us make that process even better. Buying the fleece direct meant the farm not only got a better price for their fleece but were also paid promptly, supporting someone we know and respect. Fleece is bulky and not especially light, especially in its raw state, so cutting down on the distance it travels can only be a good thing. Processing in the UK means that strict standards are in place to protect the environment. West Yorkshire is an area with high unemployment so helping to keep local jobs and skills matters. Having the wealth of woolly knowledge that the scourer, carder and mill have amassed makes projects like this possible, and I’d like that knowledge and skill base to stay where it is.


We’ve ended up with an amazing yarn which is a 50/50 blend of BFL and North Country Mule. It’s a 4ply (fingering) Weight with 400 meters to each 100 gram skein. This yarn has been spun to be well balanced, so it’s ideal for almost any project apart from socks. North Country Mule adds a crispness to the BFL, and Laxtons have spun us a yarn which has a beautiful feel to it.

We can do things like this because we have amazing customers who care about where their wool comes from and who are interested in British wool. Thank you for being part of this adventure.


There’s one final lovely number for this yarn which will launch at Yarndale on the 23rd of September. Yarndale is a local show for us, so by the time the yarn is set out on our stall it will have travelled 95 miles from sheep. Proper Yorkshire wool. We’re on stand 93, so please come and say hello. If you can’t make it to the show the yarn will be in the shop on Monday 25th September.


Joy & Bobbie

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Shop Update 14.09.17

First up – mini skeins.

All 4 of the printer ink colour wheels will be back in stock at 1900 this evening.


Then there’s also been a restock of zipped pouches.


The shop update takes place at 1900 BST so you won’t see these items in the shop before then.

Happy shopping




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We used to sell a sparkle yarn. It was nice stuff. But it wasn’t made from British wool, and it wasn’t spun or processed in the UK. So when we decided that we only wanted to work with wool which was grown, processed and spun in the UK we had to say goodbye to the sparkle.

I’ve looked for a yarn which meets our requirements without success. So in the end the lovely folk at Laxtons agreed to custom spin a sparkle yarn for me.

The yarn is 70% BFL, 23% Masham and 7% lurex. Both wools come from UK flocks and are processed and spun in the UK.

The lurex in this yarn is a continuous strand, so you don’t need to worry about shedding sparkles. It also picks up some dye, so blends in and gives a subtle sparkle. I especially love this on the dark colours where a silver thread would be too much contrast.

The sparkle yarn will also be available in a mini skein set, so it’s perfect for any of the designs in Knit The Rainbow.

The yarn will be available from 1900 this evening.

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Shop Update 24.08.17

If you’ve seen us exhibiting at shows you’ll know we sell tote bags.

I’m a huge fan of sturdy bags that will take whatever is out in them with ease. I’m not a fan on bags which are so lightweight that they’re almost see through.

So our canvas bags are properly sturdy. I’ve been using mine of a daily basis for the last 18 months and it looks like new (well apart from where I spilt coffee on it).

Our bags come from BIDBI ( The company is based in Sheffield, so it’s nice to be supporting another Yorkshire based business. All of the bags are made under Fairtrade conditions.

Our heavy canvas bag is made from 100% heavy 10oz cotton canvas and has long cotton webbing straps. The bag has a deep gusset so there’s lots of space in it. It measures 42cm x 37cm x 11cm / 16.5in x 14.5in x 4.5in.

We’re fans of bags that are sturdy enough to stand up to years of use. To keep your bags looking good hand wash it using a mild detergent and allow to dry naturally.

We’re adding 9 design to the shop this evening – so find your perfect bag.

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We’ll be adding a range of screen printed tote bags to the shop on Thursday, including a couple of designs which will appeal to the Doctor Who (or dalek) fans. Huge thanks to Louise aka KnitBritish for acting as my dalek consultant.

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Zipped Project Bags

Blank bags arrived yesterday, and lots of screen printing was done.

That means we’ll be adding new bags to the shop at 1900 BST this evening

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