Shop Update 15.08.19

This week it’s all about our hard working BFL nylon. I love this stuff. It’s processed and spun in Yorkshire. It uses British BFL. The yarn is superwash treated so it won’t felt (something that can be really useful if you’re planning a gift and aren’t 100% sure how the recipient will feel about hand washing). The nylon helps made a hardwearing yarn. Yup – I love this stuff.

This week we’ve got lots of new colours, and you’ll find them all in the shop now. Just click the link below each photo and you’ll end up in the right place.

Walnut Tree
Violet Cream
Pink Rainbow
Soft Rainbow
Silver Sage
That’s Refreshing
Berry Ripple
Stormy Sky

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Shop Update 08.08.19


It’s been back to work for me this week, and I’ve been dyeing the September clubs. Once those are packed up it’s time to start dyeing for Yarndale. 

This week there’s something a little different. We often get asked if we’ll print our designs on t-shirts, and until now we’ve been reluctant to do that as weren’t able to find t-shirts which were organic cotton, ethically made and available in the range of sizes we wanted to offer.


After lots of searching we found a brand called EarthPositive and bought some samples. I’ve been wearing these for the last few weeks and they’ve been through the washing machine several times. They still look like new. So we’ve ordered t-shirts and the first batch were printed this week.

One thing we’ve found is that as t-shirts get bigger across the chest they also get longer. That’s not true for people. So if you’d like your t-shirt to be shorter we can take care of that for you at no extra cost. 


I’ve found the t-shirts a perfect length for wearing over jeans and I’m 5’7″ – but if I wanted a t-shirt to tuck in I’d want to take away some length. 

The t-shirts are £18 each (or £15 if you don’t live in the UK or EU). We can post a t-shirt for £1.50 in the UK. 

T-shirt sizes

You’ll find the t-shirts in the shop now, and clicking on the photos will take you straight to the right place. It’s back to yarn next week and a very much needed restock of the BFL nylon sock yarn.

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Summer School

It’s back to work for me today after a week of dubied machine knitting at Nottingham Trent University.

There were over 60 machines in the room we were based in, and there were several full scale industrial machines next door.

There was lots of colour to choose from – these cones are all in the yarn store.

The week was about creating texture rather than garments, so we had the fun of creating many samples and trying things to see how they would work.

We knitted with elastic and monofilament – both give very different effects.

I’m looking forward to getting back to my knitting machine which seems very small now!

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Shop Update 01.08.19

This week’s update is all about linen, and we’ve added five new designs to our linen project bag range.


I’ll be using one of the INTOLERANT OF INTOLERANCE bags for the foreseeable future. They feel like the perfect words to live by right now.

Take me to the bags

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Shop Update 25.07.19

It’s been quite a while since we’ve stocked a laceweight yarn. There isn’t a lot of choice when it comes to bases made from wool grown, processed and spun in the UK.

I’m delighted that we’ve found a blend which is 50% British Bluefaced Leicester and 50% tussah silk. The gleam and shine on this yarn is glorious, and it has a lovely drape.

Lace Rainbow
Lace Neutrals

There are 700 meters in each 100 gram skein and each skein is £20 (16.66 ex VAT)

I’m already thinking about a simple garter stitch shawl – I reckon a lot of patterns which call for 4ply would work well and you’d just have a little more drape.

There are close up photos of each colour too, so it’s easy to see what you are buying.

Shaded Red

You can find all of the new lace yarn here

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Shop Update 18.07.19

There are new Britsock colours.

We’ve played with a different way of showing off the colours

Teal Waters
Positively Pink
Ouch! (named after a set of rather spectacular bruises)

You’ll find all of the yarns above in the shop now – click on the names below the images to go straight to the Britsock page.

We’ve also restocked the PRIDE mini skein sets, and we’ll have more linen bags ready for next week.

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Birthday Sale

It’s become a tradition that we hold a sale each year for my birthday. This year I’m a little wiser as well as older, so rather than spend my birthday packing orders the sale is a few days later.

From 1800 UK time on Friday 28th June the sale will run for 24 hours – just use the code SALE20 . The code gives you 20% off everything in the shop, including items already on the sale page.

We’re letting you know now so you have a little time to plan your sale shopping – once the sale starts things can sell out fast and we’d sooner that you had time to decide what you’d like.

Take me to the shop

The SALE20 code will be valid from 1800 UK time on Friday 28th June to 1800 on Saturday 29th June, and we’ll do our best to get everything packed over the weekend so it can be posted on Monday.

We’re also running a sale on digital patterns and you can take advantage of that right now.

The initial Stonewall Riots started on the 28th of June 1969. So to celebrate my 50th birthday we’re taking 50% off the price of all of our digital patterns, and we’ll be donating 50% of the purchase price to Stonewall.

You can find all of my patterns here . Use the code FiftyFifty to get 50% off.

The discount applies to individual patterns and collections, and we’ll run this until midnight on the 30th of June 2019.

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