Shop Update 28.08.15

To celebrate the release of Terry Pratchett’s last Discworld novel on 27th of August I wanted to dye up something rather special.

Something that a brilliant and slightly twisted mind would approve of.

So I decided it would be fun to revisit the 12 colours which formed the Granny Weatherwax sock club and turn them into self striping yarns.

The yarns will be available in both the British wool and nylon and Britsock bases.

These yarns will go on sale to subscribers on the 27th of August and any that are left will be added to the shop update of 28th August. You can sign up for the newsletter here. To get the link that you’ll need for this offer you need to have signed up by midday on Thursday 27th August.

On to the yarns – the first 6 photos are of British wool and nylon base and the last 6 are of Britsock.

 photo IMG_1840_zpstj1o5hs8.jpg

The Luggage

 photo IMG_1839_zps25u1z06g.jpg

Mathematical Camel Spit

 photo IMG_1842_zpsjruf8gqb.jpg

Death’s Broccoli

 photo IMG_1843_zpsq5sz8jtz.jpg

The Lady Herself

 photo IMG_1844_zps97uocp9o.jpg


 photo IMG_1841_zpszkkgqad0.jpg

Medicine From Forn Parts

 photo IMG_1828_zpskqgcgcht.jpg

Sorcerer’s Eyes

 photo IMG_1838_zpsdwqbvtai.jpg


 photo IMG_1837_zpsmh1im776.jpg


 photo IMG_1831_zpswpescs61.jpg


 photo IMG_1834_zpseoplbkti.jpg


 photo IMG_1829_zpsferxyydy.jpg

Draco Lunaris

We’ll also have a restock of our pouch and box bags.

Happy shopping


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And The Winner Is…….

Thank you to everyone who took part in our Socks For Dave Competition.

Rachel and I have loved reading your entries.

There are a lot of special Daves out there – possibly even a few more than when this competition started.

There can only be one winner and that is Rachel McShane who said

“I’d go back in time and make socks for jazz pianist and composer Dave Brubeck so that he could ‘Take Five’ and put his feet up in nice cosy socks!
If I was lucky enough to win I’d love Octarine in the wool/nylon base.”

Congratulations – please let me have your address so I can get your skein of yarn posted to you.

Finally a reminder that if you want first chance to purchase these yarns you need to have signed up for our subscriber newsletter before 1200 on Thursday.

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Last call for Socks for Dave

The Socks for Dave competition closes at midnight tonight – so this is your last call to get get your entry in.

The prize is a skein of any one of the self striping yarns in the Granny Weatherwax colourways plus a copy of the Dave sock pattern.

You can enter by leaving a comment on the blog or on Instagram and twitter using the hashtag #socksfordavecomp


To enter, tell us two things.

1. Which Dave would you like to knit socks for any why?

2. Which colourway and yarn base would you like if you are the winner?

The winning entry will be the one which Rachel Coopey and I love the most.

We’ll accept entries until midnight UK time on Tuesday 25th August and we’ll announce the winner on 26th August.

Good luck

Joy and Rachel C

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September Clubs

The September clubs will be arriving a few days earlier that we’d originally planned.

Rachel Coopey is on holiday from the end of August, and we’re having a break from the 1st of September.

Then there’s the little complication of Monday 31st August being a bank holiday in the UK. Perfect knitting time.

So we’ve brought forward the release dates a little.

UK parcels will be posted on Tuesday 25th August.

European parcels were posted on Saturday 22nd August.

Parcels for the rest of the world were posted on Thursday 20th August.

Rachel will be emailing patterns on the 26th of August – this may be done on the evening of the 26th so please don’t panic if your pattern isn’t in your inbox when you wake up on Wednesday morning.

If you haven’t received your pattern by the 27th please let me know so I can get this resent before Rachel takes off on holiday for a well earned break.

Many thanks

Joy & Rachel

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Shop Update 21.08.15

This week we’re introducing the eighth of our 2015 charity yarns. Bobbie and I wanted a theme for these which would run throughout 2015, and it’s fair to say that Bobbie has found an amazing source of inspiration for this.

The theme for the 2015 charity yarns is Tribes.

The images which inspire this yarn come from a blog which details the travel adventures of Jimmy Nelson.

The tribe which inspired the July yarn is the Asaro Tribe.

This is Bobbie’s watercolour to tell me what colours I needed to get from the dye pots.

 photo IMG_1893_zpscjzfkrow.jpg

The August yarn is called Asaro and is available as both a self striping and variegated sock yarn.

 photo IMG_1896_zpsmrsohopp.jpg

Asaro in British wool and nylon

 photo IMG_1894_zpskdrgvnfj.jpg

Self Striping Asaro

 photo IMG_1895_zpsgua9q6zy.jpg

Self Striping Asaro in Britsock

We’ll be donating 100% of the proceeds from the sale of these yarns to the three charities chosen by the Knitting Goddesses (and Gods). These are the Alzheimer’s Society, the Stoke Association and Mind.

Each of these colourways is limited, and once they’ve sold there won’t be any more of these colours.

Next up is a restock of semi solid sock yarns

 photo IMG_1878_zpspprsrkhi.jpg

semi solid grape

 photo IMG_1883_zpswxcchr4d.jpg

semi solid biscuit

 photo IMG_1879_zps3gtycuf2.jpg

semi solid bitter chocolate

 photo IMG_1880_zpssrtjag0z.jpg

semi solid teal

 photo IMG_1881_zps38jdmoxr.jpg

semi solid red

 photo IMG_1882_zpswm8b9onk.jpg

semi solid orange

 photo IMG_1885_zpshoru4yjy.jpg

semi solid yellow

 photo IMG_1884_zpsgg7fteuu.jpg

semi solid dog rose

 photo IMG_1887_zpsi3wzk1f0.jpg

semi solid charcoal

 photo IMG_1889_zpspolru77z.jpg

semi solid baby elephant

 photo IMG_1890_zpsvbgrvrja.jpg

semi solid silver

 photo IMG_1891_zps4yrygycn.jpg

semi solid pearl

Finally for this week there’s a restock of some neutrals in the 4ply cashmere base.

 photo IMG_1897_zpsxcqazggk.jpg


 photo IMG_1898_zpsc61hvtvf.jpg


 photo IMG_1899_zps2wdt51pi.jpg

Clouding Over

 photo IMG_1900_zpswzvuaoda.jpg


 photo IMG_1901_zpsr1eubal0.jpg


The yarns above will be in the shop from 1900 on Friday 21st August.

Make sure you never miss out on updates by signing up for our newsletter. You’ll also get access to subscriber only discounts and special offers. Sign up now.

Happy shopping – what will you make?


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Textile Printing Course

As promised, a catch up on what I got up to last week at Leeds College of Art.

You’ll note that I’m not sufficiently caught up to have made use of an iron!!

I’d signed up for the textile printing course before we started screen printing fabric for bags, so one of the things I benefited from was the chance to see and try lots of different ways of getting colour onto fabric.

We were lucky enough to have an amazing tutor, Kirstie Williams. Kirstie is one of these wonderful teachers who is willing to share so much knowledge with you. I learnt a huge amount that I’m sure wasn’t meant to be part of the course due to her generosity.

Onto some colour.

The first technique we used was painting onto newsprint paper with disperse dyed then heat pressing the paper onto fabric to transfer the design.


This technique works best on man made fabrics as the colours are brighter, but it could also be used to make backgrounds to print or sew over.



The next technique we covered had us painting onto silk screens with procion dyes. Once these were dry we used a seaweed past to transfer the design onto fabric. You only get a couple of prints using this method, and the second is a lot lighter. It’s a brilliant way of getting lots of different colours onto fabric.




There’s a real difference between the first and second prints.

Day two saw us using screens to print, and cutting paper templates. This is a fairly quick way of working so it’s possible to build up layers of pattern and colour in quite a limited time.


I loved doing this, and I can see lots of possibilities for making prints in this way.

The afternoon of day two was taking up with preparing images to expose onto screens and getting screens ready for this. This was a bit more familiar to me, and it was a great chance to improve the way I do things.

There are lots of ways of preparing images for a screen, including printing onto acetate. We took a low tech approach with black pens (sharpie markers work well)and tracing paper. By the time we went home on Tuesday evening I thought I’d be printing fabric with a design of circles and lines.

One of the things I wanted to try during the course was printing a length of fabric rather than small individual panels. So on Tuesday evening when Bobbie decided that she’s like a shirt made from fabric with dachshunds on it there was a change of plan.

I seemed to spend a lot of time on Wednesday working out where screens needed to go so that each print would flow into the next. It’s one of these things that seems very odd, then your brain catches what you want it to work out and it all makes sense.

So we now have 4 meters of this.


Before we went home on Wednesday we started thinking about what we wanted to do on the last day. I was keen to print a knitting design in several colours. While I was doodling ideas for this Kirstie walked past and suggested that instead of a drawing I could expose a bit of knitting to create my screen. So Wednesday evening was spent knitting very loose garter stitch on large needles to give me an open textured fabric.



I love how this turned out, and it’s something I’m already making plans to do more of. So much so that some of my holiday knitting is going to be panels to make screen prints from.

So all in all a wonderful four days. I’ve come home with so many things that I want to do and make – so if anyone has a few spare hours kicking about send them my way!

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Catching Up

I’ve finally remembered to take photos of the socks I made with the May science and pudding club yarns.

The science yarn became vanilla socks.


The pudding club yarn became my favourite socks yet


These are another great design from Rachel Coopey – Custard

If you’d like to win some sock yarn, there’s still time to enter the #socksfordavecomp

Happy feet all round.

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