Tops and Tails

I have lots of knitting finishes to share with you – it’s amazing what a couple of days on the sofa can achieve.

First up are two hats from Painted Woolly Toopers by Woolly Wormhead



Quoin used 67 grams of Knitting Goddess chunky bfl roving in the earth and sky colourway


My second hat is Jetty. This is knitted in Knitting Goddess DK British BFL in the tropical ocean colourway.

Then onto feet – I’ve finished both pairs of my May seaside socks. My stalk of rock socks have differently coloured heels as the yarn was ‘borrowed’ to become string for the garden.



The socks are knitted in Britsock and use the round and round sock pattern.

There are still a couple of days to sign up for the July clubs – details here

So that’s the last of my bank holiday knitting – normal slow progress will resume shortly.

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Things that vanish, things that breed

There are lots of ways of classifying things. Of sorting things out and putting them into order.

However when it comes to things in my workroom there are two rather unusual categories.

Things that vanish

– Tape measures.

– Paper scissors. Not my good fabric scissors which I can always put my hand on. But scissors for cutting up labels, cutting out paper patterns – many pairs have gone into hiding, never to be seen again.

– 2mm double pointed sock pins. There’s a gap between how many pairs I can find and how many pairs I’ve bought which would keep an average sized knitting group in pins for years.

– Darning needles.

– Pencils. Propelling pencils. Basic pencils. My lovely tin of derwent sketching pencils. The only pencil which bucks this trend is the 2 inch stump of ikea pencil which has been happy to live in my workroom for years.

Things that breed

– Burda sewing magazines. They are published once a month. I only keep them when I’m fairly sure there’s a pattern I want to make. So they must be breeding faster than rabbits.

– Little snippets of yarn. I don’t finish nearly as many projects as the little snippets of yarn would indicate. Perhaps my missing scissors are wrecking havoc in my yarn stash. That is a truly horrible thought.

– Fine sewing needles. While I’d struggle to find a darning needle I could lay my hands on at least 30 fine needles without having to stand up.

– Fabric. I’d love the excuse that the breeds, but I need to sew faster and stay away from tempting fabric shops. I also need to get over the idea that my fabric is too precious to cut into.

– Fountain pens. It could be worse. Lamy fountain pens are fairly cheap and it means I have lots of colours of ink to play with. Life would be boring with just black ink.

What vanishes and breeds in your life?

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Shop Update 22.05.15

There’s lots to please the sock knitters this week as we have bold self striping sock yarn.

First the Britsock

 photo IMG_1319_zps5icqejln.jpg


 photo IMG_1320_zpsszucw1oi.jpg

Chocolate Box

 photo IMG_1318_zpsqslnqana.jpg

Violet Meadow

 photo IMG_1321_zpsg4yjo2zu.jpg

Perfectly Bright

 photo IMG_1322_zps6aeatiby.jpg

Blue on Blue

then the same colours in our British wool and nylon yarn base

 photo IMG_1324_zpse3pg1deg.jpg


 photo IMG_1325_zpskso0wluc.jpg

Chocolate Box

 photo IMG_1323_zpsa0hsydco.jpg

Violet Meadow

 photo IMG_1326_zpsg4a4h38m.jpg

Perfectly Bright

 photo IMG_1327_zpsupwbsw3i.jpg

Blue on Blue

Then we have Take Five Britsock sets – perfect for an On The Edge shawl

 photo IMG_1348_zps52tutile.jpg

Shaded Reds

 photo IMG_1351_zpsqx6qreqz.jpg

Shaded Coppers

 photo IMG_1353_zpsbpautpat.jpg

Shaded Slates

 photo IMG_1355_zpsmhdmkmlh.jpg

Shaded Pearls

 photo IMG_1356_zps9qff1daq.jpg

Shaded Turquoises

 photo IMG_1357_zpsfgc8cvgz.jpg

Shaded Pinks

 photo IMG_1358_zpsmouicjol.jpg

Shaded Violets

 photo IMG_1359_zpstceezlue.jpg

Shaded Goldfinch

The yarns shown above will be in the shop from 1900 on Friday 22nd May Finally, a reminder that if you’d like a place in our July club then you only have this week to sign up – so don’t miss out.

Happy shopping – what will you make?


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Dyeing Classes at Unravel

Fancy trying your hand at dyeing and taking home five gorgeous little skeins of yarn in just the colours you wanted?

On 31st October Joy and Bobbie from The Knitting Goddess will be teaching 2 workshops at Unravel in Denby Dale.

You’ll start with an idea, object or picture which appeals to you and end up with 5 x 20 gram skeins of our exclusive Britsock yarn which can be used to make an On The Edge shawl, socks, or anything else you fancy.

The morning session runs from 1000 to 1245, and the afternoon session from 1400 to 1645. Each class will have a maximum of 6 people so you’re guaranteed lots of help and attention.

Each session costs £35.

The price includes

Tea and coffee
5 x 20 gram skeins of Britsock yarn
A copy of our On The Edge shawl pattern which is designed for small amounts of different colours
Use of all dyes and equipment needed to hand paint your yarn
Handouts with instructions so you can keep dyeing at home.

Extra yarn will be available to purchase on the day, so if you’re feeling ultra productive you can take lots of different colours home.

Please bring a picture or item that you’d like to use as inspiration for your colours. Previous class participants have brought jewellery, a teddy bear, postcards – so look at colours that you’d love.

Please bring an apron or wear clothes which will not be ruined if they encounter a bit of dye.

Bookings should be made through Unravel on 01484 767502.

We’ll also be bringing some of our dyed yarn, so if you’re in the area feel free to drop in and do some stash enhancing.

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A Little Stash Enhancement

As we were very close to Denby Dale on Friday it seemed silly not to pop in and see Unravel.






Fabric buying ensued – these are all Indian cottons which Mary sources, and the quality is great.

It may not look it – but just buying these took great restraint. This is where I have to admit to being really mean as I don’t think there’s any more of any of these fabrics. They don’t come in huge bolts so what you are buying is pretty much unique.

Let’s just say I’m looking forward to spending some quality time with my sewing machine.

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Save The Date!

I’m delighted to be able to let you know that I’m going to be teaching two half day dyeing workshops at Unravel in Denby Dale on Saturday 31st October. We’d originally panned for the 24th, but we’re going with the 31st instead.

More details to follow soon, but I wanted to let you know the date as quickly as possible.

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Toria Socks

I’ve finally finished by March pudding club socks – Toria by Rachel Coopey


I love these socks – the pattern is deceptively simple, so once you’ve done a few rows you can see where you’re going. I’m almost sad these are off the needles.

I’ve also been knitting vanilla socks with the May seaside yarns.


The Stalk of Rock colourway just needs heels, and the Seaweed colourway will be perfect weekend knitting.

If you’d like to sign up for the July clubs you can do so here.

There’s no shop update this Friday as we’ll be getting ready for the Shepley Spring Festival.

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