Shop Update 16.11.17

This week we’re adding something new to the shop – notions pouches.


The Perfect Notions Pouch is made of  heavy cotton canvas and closes with a zip. The zip is decorated with a laser cut tag made from birch wood.

These pouches are made in a Fair Trade factory in India. They’re screen printed with our original designs in Harrogate . We use water base eco friendly ink, and heat press our prints so the pouches retain their good looks.

Your pouch will contain

A retractable tape measure marked in both centimeters and inches

2 large needles ideal for sewing up projects and darning in ends

A pair of Merchant & Mills baby bow scissors

6 bulb pin stitch markers (5 black, one shiny nickel)

Each pouch is approximately 22cm / 8.75in long and 13cm / 5.25in high

Care for your bag by spot cleaning or hand washing it with warm water and mild detergent, and allowing it to dry naturally.


Each notion pouch and contents costs £15 (£12.50 ex VAT) and you can find them here.


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Shop Update 09.11.17

This week has been all about restocking.

First up – mini skeins in the BFL and nylon base.

Then mini skeins in the Britsock base.


Finally zip pouches have been restocked – so if you’re looking for one of our fingering bags we’ve got you covered.


The shop update will take place at 1900 this evening.

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2018 Clubs Available Now

You can now order the 2018 clubs.

So if you’d love sock yarn and patterns from Clare Devine,  mini skeins and shawl patterns or some gloriously rainbowed self striping sock yarn we’ve got you covered.

Find the details here.

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2018 Sock Club

This year sock club will be better than ever.

The lovely Clare Devine has come up with a truly brilliant idea.

Here’s Clare.

The start of something new for The Knitting Goddess / Knitsharelove sock club

Introducing – Twins …

Do you often find yourself struggling with second sock syndrome or yearning to start something new as you muddle you way through the second sock? 

Twins could be your answer. These socks are not identical twins but rather fraternal twins – both socks have their own distinct personality but they have been developed from the same concept. 

Meaning you get to knit two different patterns but end up with one beautiful pair of socks. 

Don’t fancy mis-matched socks? No problem, you can either pick your favourite sock and knit it twice to make a pair, or better still make two matching pairs and double the sock knitting fun. 

How will it work?

Each pair of socks will have two versions – sometimes the differences will be subtle, at other times you will have two distinctively different socks. However the socks will be always designed to go together – each will have design elements that bring them together as a pair. Each pair will also be designed with gauge in mind so they fit well too.

As always there will be a mix of heel styles and directions over the course of the year. “

We’ve also got some gorgeous colours lined up for you. The club will be based round stones – so think of all the colours you can find in layers of rock and you’ll see we had a beautiful palette to play with.

You’ll be able to sign up for the sock club (plus the shawl club and self striping sock club) on the 1st of November.

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2018 Clubs

The last of the 2017 clubs are on their way – so it’s time to start thinking about 2018.

Club sign ups will open on the 1st of November.

We’re offering three clubs this year.

Our sock club is based round stones, geology and the like. Clare Devine will be designing another 6 knitted sock patterns, and she’ll have more to say about that very soon.

The sock club yarns will be semi solids, and you can choose from BFL and nylon or Britsock.

Then there’s the self striping sock club. This will be based on Rainbows. Bits of rainbows. Variations on rainbows. Maybe even a whole rainbow. Again you’ll be able to choose from BFL and nylon or Britsock.

Finally something new for us – a shawl club. We love dyeing mini skeins. We love knitted shawls. So we wanted to put the two together. Shawl club will give you 7 mini skeins in our BFL and nylon base with 120g / 470m in total. We have 6 amazing designers too.

Our 2018 shawl designers are

Clare Devine

Catherine Djimramadji

Louise Tillbrook

Anna Elliott

Julie Dubreux

Robynn Weldon

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Shop Update 26.10.17


Wonderful glorious Britsock.

In the shop at 1900 this evening.


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Shop Update 12.10.17

This week it’s all about our 4ply NFL and nylon base.

We have multi colours

There are lots of semi solid colours

We’re also adding all 4 version of the printerink colour wheels

The yarns shown above will be in the shop at 1900 this evening.

Happy shopping.

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