Shop Update 2.10.15

I can’t quite believe that it’s October.

The summer feels like it’s flown past.

As it’s cooler we have some thicker yarns this week.

First up though, a complete restock of the mini skein colours

 photo IMG_1959_zpsfudufbhb.jpg

This is shades of green.

We’ll be adding 12 other sets on to the shop on Friday, so there are masses of colour options.

Next up, lots of our gorgeous mulberry silk and Falkland merino 4ply. There are 495 meters to each 100 gram skein, so it’s perfect for those shawls where you want just a little more length than a standard 4ply. This is one of these yarns that begs to be stroked as it’s so smooth and soft.

 photo IMG_1962_zpsmjk6kjm8.jpg


 photo IMG_1963_zpseorthlnm.jpg


 photo IMG_1961_zpsbhael8hu.jpg


 photo IMG_1964_zpslqpwaykp.jpg


 photo IMG_1965_zpswfwosdgv.jpg


 photo IMG_1967_zpsrofuayil.jpg


 photo IMG_1966_zpsyz61dvc5.jpg


 photo IMG_1968_zps2qxuigoz.jpg


 photo IMG_1969_zpssdjyfucz.jpg


 photo IMG_1973_zpsevbkuzky.jpg


 photo IMG_1971_zpsptn7vspp.jpg


Then onto some thicker yarn – this is our 100% British Blue Faced Leicester DK, and it’s spun in Yorkshire.

 photo IMG_2007_zpsnpa6pjs6.jpg

Darkest Navy

 photo IMG_2006_zpsxsjkbifh.jpg

Overdyed Blue

 photo IMG_2005_zpshqmgju4q.jpg

Overdyed Teal

 photo IMG_2004_zpsl6dizsnl.jpg

Overdyed Olive

 photo IMG_1993_zpspbtyb9vq.jpg

Overdyed Violet

 photo IMG_1990_zpskgfb0doh.jpg

Overdyed Magenta

 photo IMG_1991_zpslk6fejn0.jpg

Overdyed Green

 photo IMG_1988_zps0iikk2pb.jpg

Overdyed Copper

 photo IMG_2003_zpsp67xwlvp.jpg

Deepest Brown

 photo IMG_2001_zpsxsrrxebj.jpg


 photo IMG_2002_zpset5lmwsg.jpg


 photo IMG_2000_zpsyumbl5sw.jpg


 photo IMG_1997_zpsyjknehey.jpg


 photo IMG_1992_zpspeceljbr.jpg


 photo IMG_1989_zpskhpbejkr.jpg


 photo IMG_1987_zpsfx0ovrlr.jpg


 photo IMG_1985_zps21wqat7u.jpg


 photo IMG_1986_zps4m6edwzo.jpg


 photo IMG_1984_zps2rdpy0yt.jpg


The last yarn for this week is our chunky British Bluefaced Leicester roving – ideal for quick and cosy knits.

 photo IMG_1983_zpsoypy4czd.jpg


 photo IMG_1981_zpsgocccnny.jpg


 photo IMG_1980_zpsdqdzhmgk.jpg


 photo IMG_1982_zpsl6dyk1zx.jpg


 photo IMG_1979_zpsigmqgmub.jpg


 photo IMG_1975_zps7rxwapo7.jpg


The last new thing for this week’s update are the two new tote bag designs we launches at Yarndale.

The yarns above will be in the shop from 1900 on Friday 2nd October.

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Happy shopping – what will you make?


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Chatting to Louise of Knit British

I’ve been nattering to the lovely Louise from Knit British – so pop over to her blog to catch up on all the chat and take advantage of a little giveaway.

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Yarndale 2015

This should be the post where I show off lots of amazing photos.

What our stand looked like.

Some of the samples.

Other show highlights.

Some of the amazing finished items which were brought to let us have a look. There was a sock blanket scarf that was just stunning, a shawl that it’s knitter very nearly lost to an admiring crowd and lots more good things. You have to love a show where people wave their ankles at you so you can see your yarn in action.

So on that basis I have to admit to complete and utter failure. I took no photos at all.

Instead you’re going to have to trust me when I say that Yarndale was better than ever.

Saturday was crazily busy, and I’m sorry that there were people that I didn’t even get a chance to say hello to.

Sunday was slightly less manic, although there wasn’t nearly enough time to coo over news of a baby to be (hurray) and an impending wedding (although we did manage a quick look at the wedding dress and it’s stunning).

There’s always the last little bit of time at the show before it shuts when the exhibitors all rush round trying to catch up with things.

So I can tell you that I saw a not yet published collection of knitting patterns which were jaw droppingly good – more about that soon. I may have got a bit over exited about a cardigan, and turned into a rather embarassing fan girl. I blame the yarn fumes.

We spoke to the lovely folks at Blacker yarns about the possibility of a local yarn, and we now have so many ideas that it’s going to be almost impossible to pick what to do first. Just as well we’ve got the bigger workshop.

We spoke to John Arbon and plotted more good things.

We managed to catch up with Amanda Perkins and talk colours and kits – so watch this space.

And then it was time to pack the van and come home – the weekend always seem to go by so fast.

I have to apologise to everyone who didn’t get a tardis tote bag – clearly I have absolutely no idea of the scale of love for this as we’d sold out by 1200 on the first day. So on my to do list for tomorrow is lots of screen printing – and lots of dyeing too.

Thank you to everyone who came to see us, squished yarn, laughed at badges and helped us to have a fantastic weekend.

Bring on 2016.

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New Tote Bag Designs

We’ll have two new tote bag designs for Yarndale.


One for crochet lovers – we already have a knit version, so it seemed only right to have a crochet option too.

Then there’s a bag for anyone who has ever searched for the perfect storage solution for their stash.


We’ll have both bags plus our existing designs at Yarndale on stand 158, then they’ll be added to the shop next week.

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Finished – Iris Crochet Scarf

One of the projects I took with me on holiday was the Iris Crochet Scarf by Amanda Perkins.

It’s fair to say this was well out of mu crochet comfort zone, as it’s the first time I’ve worked with little motifs, but the whole thing came together beautifully.





The scarf uses 2 sets of our Britsock colourwheel mini skeins.


These will be launched this weekend at Yarndale, and you’ll find us on stand 158.

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Not To Plan!

It’s fair to say that life hasn’t quite gone to plan this week.

We’d expected to be home by Monday lunchtime, get sorted out and be back in the workshop first thing on Tuesday morning. Instead we crawled though the door just after 1600 on Tuesday and had a frantic rush to pack parcels and catch the post office.

So instead of spending Tuesday and Wednesday dyeing for an update this Friday I’ve been answering emails and looking hopefully at my inbox and thinking the bottom must be coming soon.

All of this means that there will be no new yarn this Friday.

Instead we’re offering you 10% off everything in the shop apart from the yarn clubs – just use the code BESTLAIDPLANS and the 10% will be deducted automatically. The discount is available from 1200 on Thursday 17th September to 1800 on Sunday 20th September.

Happy shopping


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The Last of the Painted Woolly Toppers

The last of the 10 hats from Painted Woolly Toppers was a quick and delightful knit.

This is Cornice.





Knitted in DK British BFL this was off the needles in less than 48 hours.

We’ll have all 10 hats from Painted Woolly Toppers at Yarndale – so come and try on a hat, find your favourite ad treat yourself to a signed copy of the book.

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