Shop Restock

One of the delights of a few days off is the chance to have a sort out and check that we have everything listed on the website.

I have a sneaky suspicion that one of the bags which came back from a show managed to get put back on the shelves without being relisted – so we have mini skeins in the BFL and nylon base for you.

The last set shown is Lowry. This was the July shawl club colour and you can find the pattern designed by Anna Elliott here.

We have the Ultimate Project Bags back in all of their knitted glory.

We’ve got One Farm Yarn mini skein sets

Lucky Dip skeins were incredibly popular when we launched them – so much so that we’ve decided to make them available for a bit longer and we’ve added a new batch here.

We’ve got some yarns that would love new homes so much we’ve added them to the sale section where they’ve got 20% off. This is the DK BFL Masham blend.

Everything shown above is in the shop now – and there are new skeins added to a few more categories, so enjoy having a good browse.

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March Clubs

The March clubs are now in the shop.

There are three choices.

Sock Club


Sock club gives you a skein of sock yarn and a pattern by Clare Devine.

The club colours are based round gelato (yum), and there’s an extra bright option for those of you who love their yarn loud.

Choose between 4ply BFL and nylon and 4ply Britsock

Shawl Club


Shawl club gives you 120g of yarn and a pattern by Clare Devine.

The club colours are solids, and you’ll receive 100 g of the main colour and 20g of contrast.

Shawl club is available on our 4ply BFL Masham base.

Mini Skein Club


Mini skein gives you 5 x 20 g skeins in toning colours. There’s no pattern option with this, however we’ll add suggestions for you just in case your pattern queue doesn’t have anything suitable.

Choose between 4ply Britsock, 4ply BFL Masham and DK Masham

March clubs will remain on sale until 31st January or until the club spots sell out. If you’d like a peek at the March club colours you’ll find a link in the listing which lets you see what’s in store.

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Sale Ends Today

Our sale ends at 1800 UK time – that means that we’ve got time to get orders packed and on their way before the end of the year.

So if you’d like to save 20% on everything in the shop you’ve got until 1800 this evening.

If you’d like some inspiration I’ve been highlighting different yarns over the last few days.

4ply BFL, silk and alpaca – and a new sweater design

Self striping sock yarn

Same Difference Sock Yarn & Ombre sweater sets

Lucky Dip Skeins

You’ll need code BOXING20 to get 20% off everything in the shop

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Time for a Sweater?

I’ve been eyeing up the Visser sweater by Anna Maltz for quite a while. It’s got pretty much everything I want – stripes, interesting construction and masses of wearability.

The one thing that’s stopped me casting on is that the yarn called for is a DK and what I really wanted was a lighter version of this.

So when Anna and I were chatting about possible yarn support the idea of a 4ply version of this sweater came up – and I was thrilled. Our 4ply BFL, silk and alpaca is one of my favourite yarns and it’s going to make a luxurious garment that will wear well.

If you follow Anna on Instagran (where she’s @sweaterspotter) you’ll have seen a photo of Anna in her Halvis sweater. It’s knitted in 4ply BFL, silk and alpaca in a navy blue and silver combination.

You’ll need just 2 skeins each of 2 colours for sizes up to xs/s/m and 3 of each for sizes l/xl/xxl. The pattern should be ready early in the new year, so if you’re keen to get organised then you can use code BOXING20 to save 20% on the yarn.

I know it’s not always the easiest thing to pick colours from a screen, so I’ve popped some combinations together for you.

The code BOXING20 is valid on everything in the shop until 1800 on Sunday 30th December.

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Same Difference and Ombre Sets

Same Difference yarns are prefect for those of you who are bored with matching socks. Instead you’ll end up with two socks which go together – but which aren’t matchy matchy. These yarns also make brilliant shawls as the colour shift between the two skeins is noticeable enough to add interest without being the first thing that you see. Each set of two skeins usually costs £20, so using code BOXING20 saves you £4.

Find the Same Difference yarns here.

If you’re looking for a gorgeous fade then our Ombre Sets are for you. The yarn is a fantastic blend of BFL and Masham – and with 500 grams (2250 meters) of yarn in each set there’s plenty for a sweater or a very ambitious shawl. Each set usually costs £90, so using code BOXING20 will save you £18.

Find the Ombre sets here.

Code BOXING20 will save you 20% off everything in the shop until 1800 on Sunday 30th December. Happy shopping.

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Self Striping Sock Yarn

As our sale lasts until 30th December I thought I’d highlight a few treasures that you might want to try at 20% less than the usual price. To get your discount use code BOXING20 and you’ll save 20% on everything you buy.

Our self striping sock yarn is a special thing. The yarn was custom spun for us from a blend of superwash BFL and mohair. This gives a hard wearing sock yarn with no nylon.

Making self striping sock yarn is a bit of a faff in many ways. When our yarn arrives from the mill it’s in skeins that are about 120cm (or 4 feet) when you measure round them. For self striping sock yarn you need more than that length for each colour so the first thing we do is rewind the skeins into much bigger skeins. Then each skein goes through two or four dye baths (skeins with bold stripes have two colours, everything else has four). Then the yarn is allowed to dry before being hand wound into yarn cakes.

All of this extra time means that our self striping sock yarn usually costs £26 a skein – so the 20% discount makes each skein £20.80 instead.

On the shop page you can see how each colourway knits up, so you can choose the perfect colourway for you.

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It’s the Boxing Day Sale

I hope you’ve had a lovely Christmas and there was some knitting time among everything else.

It’s become tradition for us to have a sale on Boxing Day – it’s a great chance to pick up a sweaters worth of yarn (because it feels like sweater knitting weather to me). It’s also a chance for us to make space for the new things we have planned for 2019.

So until 1800 on Sunday 30th December you can save 20% off everything in the shop by using code BOXING20 when you check out.

If you’re unsure about what to pick we’ve added some lucky dip skeins to the sale shop. These will give you 100 grams of yarn and could be in any of our bases. Find the lucky dip skeins here.

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