The End of Goddess Points

When we set up the Goddess Points reward scheme we knew that we wanted a way to reward our loyal customers. It’s been a huge success and lots of you have enjoyed using discount vouchers in the shop or donating the value of your points to charity.

So why change things?

We’ve had a look at how many of you use your Goddess Points to get a discount in the shop against how many of you use them to make a donation to charity. More than two thirds of the codes we issue end up being donated to charity. That’s fantastic, and I’m thrilled that our chosen charities benefit in this way. However, we could achieve the same thing with a lot less admin time, and that would be fantastic.

What will change?

From Thursday 2nd of April we’ll no longer be giving out Goddess Points when you order. Instead there will be a new way to earn discounts and donate to charity. We’ll be running that through the weekly newsletter. Sign up for the newsletter here.

What about existing discount codes?

We’ll honour all existing discount codes for a year from when they were issued, then we’ll donate their value to the charities chosen by the Knitting Goddesses (and Gods) group on Ravelry.

What about existing points?

For the next 3 months (so until Monday 1st July) we’re happy to turn your existing Goddess Points into either a discount or charity donation for you. If you’d like the discount then put the word DISCOUNT in the customer notes section when you check out. We’ll refund 5 pence for each Goddess Point you have. If you want to check how much your discount would be, drop me an email to theknittinggoddess AT btinternet DOT com

If you’d like the value of your points to be donated to charity then you can let me know by replying to the email you’ll receive in the next couple of days. We’re emailing everyone who has Goddess Points to let them know about this change, so everyone will know what is happening.On Tuesday 2nd of July we’ll add up all of the remaining Goddess Points and donate 5 pence for each to our three chosen charities.

What now?

If you haven’t already signed up for our weekly newsletter, sign up to keep make sure you receive our special subscriber only offers and discounts.

Any questions?

Email me – theknittinggoddess AT btinternet DOT com – and I’ll be happy to answer and queries.

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Again and Again and Again – update 1

Just over a month ago I blogged about needing to start improving my lampwork skills. More specifically, my ability to draw lines with very fine strands of glass. Read it here.

Life managed to get in the way a bit, but doesn’t it always?

I made it to my 100 bead total


Some are terrible, some I’m heading towards happy with. I’ve learnt a lot just by doing the same thing over and over again. Looking at what works. Looking at what goes wrong.

Some of the beads I’ve made are the big hole beads which fit Pandora, Troll and other bracelets.

These three are my favourites.


I’m going to add silver cores to these three beads and give them away to a blog reader. To be in with a chance of winning leave me a comment below. I’d especially love to know how you work on improving a skill – all ideas gratefully received.

I’m happy to post these anywhere, so you don’t have to be in the UK to enter. The blog is set up so comments are moderated. so it might take a little while before your comment shows up.

I’ll pick a winner on Easter Monday at 1800 – so good luck.


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Little Bits of Loveliness

Friday brought us a box of good things from Merchant and Mills. I’m especially fond of their safety pins which come in coil-less and bulb versions. I’m even more thrilled that there’s now a shiny nickel plated version of the bulb pins.


You can find all of our Merchant and Mills treasures here

The other little loveliness to return to the shop is our glass droplet stitch markers. These sold out on Friday evening, so I had an afternoon at the torch yesterday and made a fresh batch.


You can find our stitch markers here.

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Last Chance for May Clubs

We’ll be closing off sign ups for the May clubs on Tuesday 31st March – so if you’re planning on having a place you need to act now.

You can sign up here for both the Best of British and Seaside clubs.

At the moment the mini skein club is fully subscribed, however there are still a couple of invoices to be paid. If places become available I’ll add them to the shop on Wednesday 1st April.

Happy shopping


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Shop Update 27.03.15

This week’s update is mainly about the return of one of the loveliest yarns there is – 100% cashmere in a 4ply weight. While I wouldn’t recommend it for socks (unless you don’t walk in them) this is the perfect yarn for scarves, cowls, hats, mitts – anything where you’ll appreciate the amazing softness which cashmere has to offer.

First up are six colours in Take Five formation – so 5 x 15 g skeins giving you 75g and 510 meters of yarn in total. These will be £19.

 photo IMG_0910_zpsqqnj9jjl.jpg

Shaded Greens

 photo IMG_0911_zpscskxoyaa.jpg

Shaded Turquoises

 photo IMG_0913_zps05rutctf.jpg

Shaded Pinks

 photo IMG_0914_zpsumyegzmw.jpg

Shaded Reds

 photo IMG_0915_zpspdudgli1.jpg

Shaded Golds

 photo IMG_0912_zpsaujvcrtn.jpg

From Green to Pink

Then on to 21 colours of cashmere in 50g / 340m skeins. Each skein will cost £12, and there’s plenty of yarn for a cowl, hat or mitts. We decided on 50g skeins so it was reasonable to buy a couple of colours. I can see lots of glorious striping possibilities.

 photo IMG_0916_zpsi5igi6yg.jpg


 photo IMG_0917_zpskiayilzg.jpg


 photo IMG_0918_zpsmi4spw5d.jpg


 photo IMG_0919_zps0sdysbem.jpg


 photo IMG_0920_zpsfacjjdyt.jpg


 photo IMG_0921_zpsgrdwglao.jpg


 photo IMG_0922_zpsb1qz32vt.jpg

Yellow Green

 photo IMG_0923_zpsqv9kx24j.jpg


 photo IMG_0924_zpsskjvvlq3.jpg


 photo IMG_0925_zpsarpsow9y.jpg


 photo IMG_0926_zpskjezw37p.jpg


 photo IMG_0927_zpsmit8owd1.jpg


 photo IMG_0928_zpscltoo0wy.jpg


 photo IMG_0929_zpsmmlatxep.jpg


 photo IMG_0930_zps85mwvpy9.jpg


 photo IMG_0931_zpsniggquwx.jpg


 photo IMG_0932_zpsa0okkv4s.jpg


 photo IMG_0933_zpsvh31a01a.jpg


 photo IMG_0934_zps02ua95as.jpg


 photo IMG_0935_zpsd0rpys65.jpg


 photo IMG_0936_zpsbzfmlasx.jpg


 photo IMG_0937_zpsfmmlvijq.jpg


The new stitch markers will be in the shop in this update. We sent out samples of these as the subscriber gift a couple of weeks ago, and they’ve been very popular. We wanted stitch markers which were completely snag free with no ends which could catch on your knitting – and we’ve achieved this by burying the ends in melted glass. The stitch markers also look lovely as tiny pendants.

 photo IMG_0938_zpsnz2lfxsm.jpg

 photo IMG_0940_zpsvfnvk4o6.jpg

Finally for this week there’s a set of mini skeins which was inspired by a photo I saw on twitter.

 photo IMG_0332_zpsl8mmp4vp.jpg

Image copyright Rachel Atkinson.

You can see more of Rachel’s photos and catch up with her blog here.

 photo IMG_0907_zpsbsxaxq3p.jpg

Shades of Aston Martin

The yarns above will be in the shop from 1900 on Friday 27th

I should say a huge thanks to everyone who took advantage of last week’s subscriber offer and cleared the shop of Pratchett inspired yarns. You raised £570 for our three chosen charities. Thank you again. There will be more Octarine in the shop next week, so all is not lost if you missed out. If you’d like to sign up for the newsletter and get subscriber offers, you can do that here.

I’m thinking cashmere for a quick cowl to wear with a lighter coat – hey, it’s meant to be spring. What will you make?

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Golden Skein Collaboration

I was thrilled to be asked to be one of the three dyers providing yarn for the March instalment of the Golden Skein Club , especially as I was working with our Britsock yarn base.

Original imageThis was the original image I was given to work with. It’s a gorgeous picture with masses of colour and it would have been great fun to dye something really vibrant with red, black, yellow, violet and orange. Or a couple of the bright colours offset with the stone. Or several of the shades of brown from the body and some red. Lots of options.

The part of the picture which most caught my eye was the section on the back wing which looks like a skull.

arrow to skull

There are several reasons this appealed. We’re going to see the Savage Beauty exhibition at the V&A in April, and I’ve been drooling over some amazing McQueen designs. I’m especially fond of the scarves which incorporate skulls in many different ways so some are almost hidden while others form the whole design.

So having picked a tiny bit of the picture I cropped everything else out.

Tiny skull

Thank goodness for the ability to make things bigger.

Tiny skull


This left me with a palette if several shades of a lilac/ blue colour, a dark charcoal and a light sandstone colour.

As there’s so much contrast in the original design I wanted to mirror this in the finished yarn, so having one dark colour and 3 much lighter colours worked well.

Finally I thought about proportions of each colour – there’s more of the sandstone in the picture, but I wanted to play up the gothic twist of something as beautiful as this butterfly being marked with a skull so I decided that I’d use more of the charcoal. To stop this being too overpowering I chose to make the charcoal lighter than the colour in the picture – somewhere between that and the stone in the original photo.

And that’s how Golden Wings Flutter By came to be.


My dyeing is the skein on the left of the picture – isn’t it interesting to see what three dyers do when given the same image to work from?

There are still a few of the spring skeins which would like good homes. You can also see the inspiration for next quarters clubs.

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Let It Snow Socks

I know, I know. It’s meant to be spring. But it’s freezing here in Harrogate.

Today I wanted to share a pattern that was designed for our sock yarn.


If you’re a sock knitter and use Ravelry then it’s more than likely that you’ll already know Jacqui Goulbourn.

When not running around after her 3 children or working as an accountant with NHS organisations, Jacqui admits to spend far too much on Ravelry (not quite sure how much that would be!)

For the 4th consecutive year Jacqui is co-ordinating the Knit a long in the UK Sock Knitters group. Those people who remember our Lunar colourways in 2013 can thank her for coming up with the underlying KAL themes.

This year’s KAL is Sing-a-rainbow linking a spectrum of colours with songs about the weather for a truly British theme. Jacqui says “As the organiser I had to participate in January’s theme, but was struggling to find a pattern that I wanted to knit, so I came up with my own. Named after the song chosen for our January theme, Let it snow socks are a top down pattern with continuous twisted panels on either side of a repeating snowflake motif. The pattern is in 3 sizes according to foot circumference, but could easily be adjusted further by changing the number of stitches either side of the snowflakes.”

You can buy the pattern via Ravelry for £1.99

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