Shop Update 23.03.17

Yesterday I promised that the shop update would include lots of colours.

We have 24 colours in our 4ply British wool and Nylon



Hues are the bright version and tints are more subtle, so combining them will give you gorgeous colour options to play with.

Then we’ve had fun playing with colours in our DK self striping sock yarn.

The yarns above will be in the shop at 1900 this evening.

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Shop Update Highlight.

Sock yarn.

In lots of colours.

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St Kilda Mini Skiens

It didn’t take long for the our first batch of mini skeins to sell out.

Thankfully we’d planned for this – so there’s yarn waiting at the workshop to be turned into cute little skeins, and that’s what I’ll be doing today.

If you’re looking for a contrast colour I can recommend the undyed Stac Lee – it’s a beautiful charcoal and brown colour.

You can preorder St Kilda mini skeins here for dispatch tomorrow – order now

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Shop Update 16.03.17

This week’s shop update is the start of a massive restock after Edinburgh Yarn Festival.

Yesterday I showed you the new St Kilda laceweight colours.

We’re also restocking Britsock. Very little of this came back from the show, and we’re now waiting for the next batch from the mill.

There are multi coloured sock yarns.

Finally for this week there’s the 4ply Wensleydale and Shetland which we couldn’t quite fit in the car. I love how this looks in the colour wheel hues and the neutrals are gorgeous too.

The shop update will take place at 1900 this evening.

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Update Highlight

After the delightful busyness of Edinburgh Yarn Festival, this week’s highlight is peaceful.

These are the latest St Kilda colours – the yarn is a gorgeous mix of Boreray and Soay spun by Blacker Yarns.

We also have mini skein sets.

If you’re looking for a neutral to show off the colours we can help with that too.

The yarns above will be in the shop from 1900 on Thursday.

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Knit The Rainbow

I’m very excited to be able to tell you that for the first time we’ve put a collection of patterns together as a booklet.

The booklet contains 6 patterns

Patterns are available individually for £4 – or you can buy the whole collection for £8.

If you’d like a printed booklet and the download these will aslo be £8, and we’ll be adding them to the shop next Monday.

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March Club Round Up

The March clubs should all have arrived by now (post office willing), so it’s time to share the club colours.

The circle club colour is circling orange.


Clare Devine designed Corymb – I can’t wait to cast this on.





Sock photos copyright Clare Devine

The song club was based on The Village Green Preservation Society – originally by the Kinks there’s also a splendid version by Kate Rusby.


No green. Shades of strawberry jam and tweed for Holmes and Moriarty.
You can sign up for the May clubs here.

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