Out With The Old

September 18, 2014

Since we moved to Yorkshire last summer, we’ve been spoiled for choice with the number of fantastic yarns which are produced locally. There are several mills within an hour’s drive of the workshop, and it’s been lovely to be able to source yarns made from British wools which are spun so close to home.

We’ve been on the lookout for a superwash wool and nylon blend which would be hard wearing enough for socks, yet soft enough for shawls and garments. It’s taken a while, plus a lot of discussion, but by agreeing to order lots and lots of yarn we’ve managed to organise a custom spin which meets our requirements perfectly.

I’ll be talking a lot more about the new yarn over the next few days.

So this means that the existing sock yarn is being discontinued. That means that from tomorrow you’ll be able to buy remaining stock at a discount – and that will apply to semi solid and multi colours plus mini skein sets. Self striping and hand painted yarns which were on sale will be discounted further.

So happy shopping for tomorrow – and watch this space for details about the new addition to our flock.



September 11, 2014

The last few mornings have felt like autumn is eight round the corner, as it’s been misty and cool. Leaves are starting to turn. It’s time for some cosy knitting.

To encourage you to try the DK yarns needed for our last 2 pattern releases, you can save £2 a skein until 1800 on Sunday 14th September.

There’s the 100% British BFL – gorgeously soft and snuggly

This is the yarn you’ll need for the Mirrored Linen Stitch Cowl


Then there’s the DK merino and nylon

This is the yarn you’ll need to make the DK ribbed socks


The refund will be made when your order is processed and packed, so you’ll pay the full amount when you check out then get a refund.

Happy shopping


Britsock Socks

September 2, 2014

The latest Edition of The Knitter magazine has some gorgeous socks made in our Britsock yarn.

Cuboid socks by Clare Devine

Cuboid_copyright_The Knitter_Philip Sowels_1Cuboid_copyright_The Knitter_Philip Sowels_2



copyright The Knitter / Philip Sowels

Aren’t they stunning?

Clare also has a sock book available Sock Anatomy. Dissecting Socks: Heels and Toes (£9)

Sock Anatomy_cover shot


This is a collection of nine patterns featuring different heels and toes and is a fantastic way to explore new sock knitting techniques while creating gorgeous mini socks. 
From July 2014 Clare will be adding adult sizes to this ebook. Initially they will be added as single patterns and will be available free of charge with the purchase of the ebook, once all nine adult patterns have been released they will become a new ebook. The first two patterns to are Tarsi-Grande and Brevis-Grande (July 2014). The next two patterns will be Bursa and Flexor (these will come out in September 2014)
Get the book here
Find out more at www.yarnandpointysticks.com


September Titus Goddess

September 1, 2014

The new Titus Goddess shade is available today from baa ram ewe. It is the lovely Yorkstone. Doesn’t it just remind you of autumn leaves? The pattern is the September Wrap by Julie Glaze. A lovely crocheted shawl aimed at improving crocheters. It’s a great one to stretch your skills.

titus goddess sep
Picture copyright baa ram ewe

Buy the yarn and pattern here.

Mirrored Linen Stitch Cowl

August 28, 2014

Huge thanks to everyone who downloaded the DK Ribbed Sock pattern last week. I hope that means there will be lots of cosy feet out there very soon.

There’s another new pattern this week – the Mirrored Linen Stitch Cowl.



The cowl is designed to be worn double for extra warmth, or as a longer loop.

To make the cowl you’ll need 2 skeins of The Knitting Goddess DK Bluefaced Leicester yarn – so pick out a skein of two contrasting colours and you are all set.

The pattern will sell for £2.50 but until midnight on Sunday 31st August you can get 50% off – buy now

There are no news this week, but there are some new additions and further reductions in the sale shop.

Happy Knitting


DK Ribbed Sock Pattern

August 23, 2014

When we added a DK merino and nylon yarn to the shop I knew that I wanted a sock pattern to go with it – something quick and simple which would lend itself to speedy well fitting socks.



I can vouch for the speedy – my lovely test knitter Jane produced a pair of these in 24 hours.

The ribbed pattern means these socks fit well and have lots of stretch – so there’s one size which will fit almost any adult (and that makes the instructions even easier to follow)

I got my socks out of 83 grams of yarn – so for size 7 feet or smaller one skein will be plenty. Larger feet will need a second skein (or you could work the toes in another DK yarn or two strands of sock yarn)

The pattern is available to download from Ravelry – 

Happy Bank Holiday

August 21, 2014

Monday is a bank holiday here in the UK – so tradition suggests that it’s likely to rain which will give me the excuse I need to get comfy on the sofa and knit.

Most of the dyeing that happened this week is destined for next week’s update – we have an amazing new laceweight yarn making it’s debut. So to make space the existing lace yarns have moved over to the sale page where they have 25% off.

Also on the sale page are the remaining colour block yarns (both sock yarn and laceweight). I’ve been playing with a different way of making these, so you can save 20% on existing stock. I have no immediate plans to repeat the 50g skeins, so if you’ve been thinking about these grab them now.

Finally for the sale section are the take five yarns we have in stock – again these are going to be updated so existing stock is discounted.

I’ve been playing with one of my favourite colourways – Octarine – and it looks gorgeous on Britsock in both pale and normals (if Octarine can be normal) versions.



The stock which came back from the pop up wool show has been added to the shop too – so once again we have pink mini skein sets in stock.

I’ve added the new and sale yarns to the shop so they’re available to buy now.

Happy shopping.


Pop Up Wool Show

August 14, 2014

This Saturday (16th August) we’ll be exhibiting at the Pop Up Wool Show along with lots of other lovely woolly people.


Many, Many, Many Mini Skeins

July 17, 2014

This week it’s the return of something we first did ages ago – gradient sets of mini skeins. In true Knitting Goddess we went with a full rainbow of shades – plus a couple more for good measure.

Each set has 7 x 10 gram / 40 meters skeins of 4ply merino and nylon sock yarn

IMG_2634 IMG_2628IMG_2624IMG_2635IMG_2636 IMG_2632IMG_2629 IMG_2631  IMG_2633   

I’ve also been dyeing lots of Britsock for Fibre East – and these are two of my favourites.







Finally there are some new additions to the sale shop as we’re clearing space to make way for something totally fabulous.

I’m not expecting to have computer access until late tomorrow evening – all for good reasons – so rather than our usual update time of 1900 I’ve added everything to the shop now. Our next posting date will be Monday.

Happy shopping



July 10, 2014

There’s a select update this week. This is partly due to Fibre East coming towards us at what feels like a great rate of knots (maybe that’s a really bad expression for a dyer) and partly due to the ongoing saga of elderly friend in the Isle of Man. On the positive side, there’s lots of lovely yarn dyed for Fibre East and we may have found a great solution for the elderly friend – so please keep everything crossed for us!

So, on with the yarn,

First up are some sock yarns


Water lilies


Pretty Muddy



Then there are more colour block laceweights – I love these, even though they take what feels like forever to dye and then unwind and then ball up.


Gradient Blue


Gradient Olive


Gradient Plum


Gradient Teal


Gradient Violet


Colour Block Peacock

The new yarns will be available in the shop from 1900 on Friday 11th July.


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